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icon-servicesLighting Design Works & Control

Your home or office environment impact greatly on your mood and enjoyment of your surroundings or productivity depending on your lighting settings.

thumb brewcorkill-lighting-001At home or office, a lighting design and control system works in tandem with natural light and seasonal effects to create a more relaxed and comfortable work or home space.

From kitchen to bedroom, reading to entertainment, watching TV or computing or office environment, a lighting design software package allows you freedom to control and regulate lighting levels through mood, feel and environment.

Movement sensors enhance energy saving together with dimmer controlled lighting providing a more efficient system and maximise control.

thumb brewcorkill-lighting-002Pre-set lighting allows lighting control over the whole of your home or office automatically turning on or off pre-set lighting anywhere inside or outside your home or office, or even whilst you ar away.

The computerised system allows for a complete and personalised system tailored specifically to your family or office needs providing maximum control for your lighting and security system together with the added benefit of compatibility to electronic blinds and home AV.

Brew & Corkill engineers are Luton and Legrand Trained Engineers.

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